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Norla: You should have asked earlier. I could have taken you out to the Grimborg.
[[Norla waves her hand. Two leaves grow out of her sleeve.]] / Norla: However... to give you an idea... consider a baby that can do this!
[[Jodoque hangs naked, by his ankles, from the liana that has emerged from Norla's arm.]] / Jodoque: Very funny. I haven't laughed this hard since the King had my slapstick filled with dried beans! / Norla: Hee hee!
[[Jodoque puts his clothes back on.]] / Norla: I always get a kick out of how hairy you people are. Anyway, the Master Rune was invented to prevent this.
Norla: It gets cast over every newborn faerie to prevent shapeshifting and other things they could hurt themselves with.
Norla: It wears off, and there are some limited counter-spells, but the magic isn't fully released until after the Rite is completed, in a short ceremony in the Grimborg.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 14, 2003.