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Mystery Red Hat

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Mystery Red Hat
[[P'Séaigg is in the forest, speaking to an older Faerie woman, Maghreid.]] / P'Séaigg: And that's just about it, your ladyship.
[[P'Séaigg speaks off-panel.]] / P'Séaigg: I'll need to commandeer two transports to get the testimonies... I can do that...
P'Séaigg: ... But what about that lawyer's conspiracy theory? We both know who dominates both the shrine and the Office of Rites...
Maghreid: Yes. We do...
P'Séaigg: ... And that of course means that a victory in court could cost us dearly in Congress...
Maghreid: Get the transports... I will talk to the Hats...
{{Note: This conversation actually took place in a local dialect of the Gnomian language. Because the dialogue is a little more complex than that shown in earlier sequences which were ran in Gnomian, it has been translated into English for your convenience.}}
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 18, 2003.