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Crunchy oatmeal

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Crunchy oatmeal
[The Keeper of the Ancestor's Shrine is on the way to his office. "Clap-Me-In-Irons" Daoibleagh is hawking his wares.]] / Daoibleagh: Oats! Wild oats! Get them while they're wild!
Daoibleagh: Morning, your priesthood! Can I interest you in some oats, or maybe oatmeal inna bun?
Keeper: Is that the same oatmeal you tried to sell to me last week? The stuff you could crack a skull with? / Daoibleagh: Uh... it's been in the rain since then...
Keeper: I'll pass, if you don't mind. Now if you'll excuse me...
[[The Keeper enters his office.]] / Keeper: Grm.
[[Close-up of the Keeper, who is startled by something.]] / Keeper:? What th-
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Reinder Dijkhuis 31st Aug 2014, 5:38 AM edit delete
Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 24, 2003. Redrawn in March, 2011, because I really did not like the look of the original version of the page. Some of the colouring was done by Aggie Janicot of American Gothic Daily.