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[[There is a knock on the door. Ratskuchbønn, the Keeper of the Ancestor's Shrine, is annoyed.]] / <<Knock knock!>> / Ratskuchbønn: Ye Gods... come in.
Isolde: Good morning, your holiness! / Ratskuchbønn: Who are you?
Isolde: Isolde Shieldbiter, of Shieldbiter, Shieldbiter and MacSweeney. My card. / Ratskuchbønn: You're a lawyer?
Isolde: How do people guess? Yes, I'm an attorney at law.
Ratskuchbønn: What do you want? / Isolde: Oh, just to rid you of some documents that are no doubt cluttering up your store rooms as wel speak... Here.
Ratskuchbønn: You're subpoena-ing all our financial, andministrative, duty and incident records for the years between 950 and 960? / Isolde: Think of all the space you'll be able to reclaim!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 27, 2003. Redrawn in 2011.