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Where spin is spun

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Where spin is spun
Norla: The same system that once brought Kel's gang here? / P'Séaigg: That was before my time. / Norla: The one next to Assembly Hall? / P'Séaigg: Oh, yes.
P'Séaigg: It's the most powerful transporter we've got, and no wonder. / It draws all its power from Parliament.
P'Séaigg: Parliament, where schemes are hatched, spin is doctored and double deals done! Precisely the poser source Gnomian magic needs.
Jodoque: So why doesn't it work right now? / P'Séaigg: It's in full session. The double deals happen tonight, in the back rooms.
P'Séaigg: Say, why don't we go and watch? It'll be instructive for the human!
Norla: Why don't we go to see ... uh... a matinee instead? / Jodoque: Why don't we go to see my wife at the jail?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on March 10, 2003.