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[Norla narrates. Younger-Norla watches the churchgoers enter.]] / Norla: Four days into my service, humans crowded into the building for a ritual. As they would do every week after that.
[[Norla narrates. Father Ansgar is holding Mass.]] / Norla: The priest-human spoke a lot of words in Latin, which I didn't understand at the time. / Ansgar: ...Ut non declinet cor meum in verba malitiae, at excusandas excusationes in peccatis.
[[Norla narrates. Younger-Norla watches from the rafters, eating berries.]] / Norla: It looked to me like the crowd didn't understand much of it either - and I had my doubts about the priest!
[[Norla narrates. The crowd watches the Mass being held.]] / Norla: But that didn't stop them from giving the ritual their full attention.
Norla: Corvej is a trading town, and those worshippers came from everywhere! Norsemen, Finns, Clwydians, Frisians, Saxons...
[[Norla speaks off-panel. P'séaigg listens impatiently.]] / Norla: In those days - before the Republic, it was unthinkable that gnomes, faeries and high elves would join in one place for such a long ceremony. I was impressed!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on March 21, 2003.

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