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Norla's darkest hour... and how she copes

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Norla's darkest hour... and how she copes
[[Norla narrates. Younger-Norla sits in a ditch crying.]] / Norla: I hid in a ditch outside the church yard and lay awake crying all day... / Younger-Norla: Why? -Sob- I thought - sob- for everyone...
Younger-Norla: Why not? Why not me?
[[Norla speaks off-panel. Kel and Jodoque listen.]] / Norla: At that point, I was ready to pack it in, report back as a failure and forget about full citizenship. But I didn't.
[[Norla narrates. Younger-Norla sits inside the church carving a rune stick.]] / Norla: Instead, I worked even harder at noght, and stayed up during the day to carve a rune stick to send home.
[[Norla narrates. Younger-Norla looks critically at a freshly-carved, decorated whistle.]] / Norla: I also had to carve a whistle to summon a carrier bird... I couldn't use drum talk because there was no one of my kind in the area...
[[Norla narrates. Younger-Norla is talking to a large crow, Arthur.]] / Norla: It took me a month to locate a bird that was going in the right direction. / Younger: Norla: Oh yes... eyeballs all over the place. Now, in your own words... where are you taking this?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on March 26, 2003.