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Bending the rules for a warm welcome

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Bending the rules for a warm welcome
Norla: You see, this priest had been working in the cold lands of the north to convert the heathens. He'd seen some pretty strange things there.
[[Norla narrates. Father Ansgar talks to Younger-Norla.]] / Norla: So now that he was over the original shock, he could talk to me.
[[Norla speaks off-panel. Kangra, Kel, Jodoque and several of the Dyrtforrabyggern's inmates listen.]] / Norla: He put me right on some misinterpretations of the paintings, and heard me out on where I came from and why I was here.
[[Norla narrates. Ansgar gives his blessing to Younger-Norla's stay at the church.]] / Norla: ... And then he came to a conclusion. / Ansgar: Welcome to Corvej Church. When is your service ending? / Norla: <<Yawn!>> Three weeks.
Ansgar: Hmmm... you won't be able to finish your work in three weeks. And -how unfortunate- I won't have time to consult the bishop. I'll just have to take my chances.
[[Ansgar speaks off-panel. Norla is overjoyed.]] / Ansgar: Cover yourself up and I'll get you help.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on March 31, 2003.