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They usually say that about weddings

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They usually say that about weddings
[[Norla narrates. Father Ansgar introduces Younger-Norla, now wrapped in a blanket, to a group of children.]] / Norla: Help came in the form of some Norse kids from the church's school. They'd been born heathens and weren't spooked by the sight of a live faerie.
Kangra: Human helpers? That's... bending the rules a bit. / P'Séaigg: Yeah. / Norla: Hey, I put in full hours and more!
[[Norla narrates.]] / Norla: They learned fast, and finished the work in time while Father Ansgar introduced me to select members of his flock. / Ansgar: No, not a spirit, she's a child of Adam and Eve just like us.
[[Norla narrates.]] / Norla: The Friday before I was due to leave, he gave me the best parting gift he possibly could. / Ansgar: I'd be honoured if you'd agree to join my flock.
[[Norla narrates. In front of several members of the congregation, Ansgar baptises Norla in a baptismal font that isn't technically intended for a full-immersion baptism, but which immerses Norla anyway.]] / Norla: The next day, Father Ansgar took the biggest gamble of his career, and baptised me, a faerie, in front of his church! / Ansgar: Norla, vade in pace, et dominis sit tecum. Go on, you lot, say "Amen".
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on April 2, 2003.