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Norla narrates. Younger-Norla is in the Grimborg, finishing up her year of Serfdom.]] / Norla: Two days later, I reported back to the Office of Rites, and took my confirmation in the Grimborg.
[[Norla narrates. Younger-Norla emerges triumphantly from the Grimborg, and is greeted with applause and hugs by her friends.]] / Norla: With my magic released and my sins washed away, I was a citizen of two worlds, equally at home in either of them.
[[Norla narrates. Younger-Norla is in the forest, getting a stern talking-to from her mother, Maghreid.]] / Norla: But the folks at home didn't agree... / Maghreid: Min Dátter ved hædningerne? / Younger-Norla: Men- / Maghreid: Forforfar Må spinne i tómbr!
[[Norla narrates. Younger-Norla is laughed at by gnomes.]] / Norla: Disappointed in the reaction of my people and family, I tried taking my ideas to the gnomes... / Younger-Norla: Så, som jeg sígr... ví kan være ... øh... én lánd úndr, som, én gúdr, likevel...
[[Norla narrates. Two high elves look down their noses at Younger-Norla.]] / Norla: ...And to the high elves. / 1. High Elf: Did the Démoiselle squeak something? / Younger-Norla: No... nothing... sorry / 2. High Elf: Ignore it, and it will go away.
Norla: Meanwhile, my mother was becoming more politically active, rejecting human and gnomian influence, and the Republic. She doesn't want anything to do with me. I hear she's a high-ranking Funny Hat now.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on April 4, 2003.