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At Sinn Fae headquarters

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At Sinn Fae headquarters
[[P'Séaigg materialises, in small form, in an old neighbourhood. Houses built for humans have been painted over with elaborate decorations and their doors adapted for faerie-sized inhabitants. Naked faeries populate the street and the air.]] / <<POOF!>>
[[Inside the Sinn Fae building. A male faerie dressed in jewelry and feathers sits behind a desk talking to another, Abúi.]] / Desk clerk: So what happened next, luv?
Abúi: Bleh... Th'patrol stopped me and checked my pouches for dust.
[[Abúi angrily spreads her arms and her wings, revealing that every square inch of her body is painted with whorls and symbols.]] / Abúi: Those gnomes always pick on me! It's not fair! / P'Séaigg: Ahem.
[[Abúi and the desk clerk salute P'Séaigg.]] / Abú/Desk clerk: Sinn Fae! / P'Séaigg: Sinn Fae.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on April 14, 2003.