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Trouble has flame-red hair

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Trouble has flame-red hair
[[In Krakatoa's house, a crystal ball relays the ringing of the bell. Krakatoa looks up.]] / <<DING!>>
[[Krakatoa rushes outside, putting on a cape.]] / Krakatoa: Hot diggety!
[[Jodoque awakes in the dark. A croaky voice speaks in runes. The voice belongs to a dhouard.]] / Jodoque: Mmmmmhh... ohmyhead... / 1. Dhouard: [[Runes]]
[[A second dhouard voice speaks in runes.]] / Jodoque: Oh crap... / 2. Dhouard: [[Runes]] / 1. Douard: [[Runes]]
[[Krakatoa has found Norla caught in the net.]] / Krakatoa: There you are!
[[Norla shapeshifts into a clawed monstrosity and takes a swipe at Krakatoa.]] / <<Swipe!>> / Norla: Hssss!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on April 21, 2003.