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I turned into... what?

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I turned into... what?
[[Norla takes another swipe at Krakatoa.]] / <<Swipe!>> / Krakatoa: Goodness! Is that supposed to be scary?
[[Norla transforms into a tentacled abomination.]]
[[Norla transforms into a serpent.]] / Krakatoa; Oh please! I hunted demons as a hobby while at Wittenberg!
Krakatoa: ...An institute from which, incidentally, I graduated with full- ye gods, what the hell is that?
[[Krakatoa speaks off-panel. Norla has transformed into a giant bug.]]
[[Norla has transformed into a pathetically adorable child version of herself.]]
Norla: <<whimper>>
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Reinder Dijkhuis 28th Sep 2014, 5:15 AM edit delete
Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on April 23, 2003.