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Last resort...

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Last resort...
[[Krakatoa walks home carrying Norla in the net.]] / Krakatoa: Woo hoo! I can't wait! / Norla [[thinks]]: To get me out of this net? Neither can I!
[[Krakatoa sticks Norla in a cage.]] / Krakatoa: It's for this dissertation I'm writing, see? "Physiology and magic among the fae". Don't bite!
[[Krakatoa speaks off-panel. Norla looks at the bars of the cage.]] / Krakatoa: I have this great theory about the truth behind your myth of the Ancestor. / Krakatoa [[thinks]]: Iron!
[[Norla reaches into one of her pouches.]] / Krakatoa: It seems to me that your species is uniquely adapted to a magical environment...
[[Krakatoa speaks off-panel. Norla tosses a cloud of powder at Krakatoa.]] / Krakatoa: ...And I've come up with this - Hey, what's that?
[[Norla's powder hits Krakatoa squarely in the face.]]
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on April 28, 2003.