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It must be the concussion

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It must be the concussion
1. Dhouard: Were we to sing songs and bear blooms, the sight of us ought still to make you squirm in fear, elf!
[[Jodoque speaks off-panel. The Dhouard slave looks at him thoughtfully.]] / Jodoque: Hey, I don't like judging people by their looks, okay? After all, I'm no oil painting myself, so... / 2. Dhouard: Hmm...
1. Dhouard: You wot not what we are, do you? Would you have me tell you what we are? / Jodoque: I'm on the edge of my seat. Oh, I'm not! I'm dangling from chains!
1. Dhouard: He jests! Slave, fetch me my tools, that he may know the wrath of-
[[A clockwork mechanism causes a bell to be struck.]] / <<DING!>> / 1. Dhouard: Aww...
2. Dhouard: Time up, bro! My turn now. / 1. Dhouard: Damn. I just getting into it...
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 2, 2003.