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The saddest creatures in the Gnomian Republic

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The saddest creatures in the Gnomian Republic
2. Dhouard: Give me robe now, and fetch whip. / 1. Dhouard: Yes, yes.
2. Dhouard: Forgive my brother. He get carried on a way.
[[The Second Dhouard speaks off-panel.]] / 2. Dhouard: He better suited for slave role. But such is our deal... / Jodoque [[thinks]]: I'm in the clutches of loonies! Really ugly ones!
[[The Second Dhouard fetches a riding crop from the First Dhouard.]] / 2. Dhouard: Once we Dhouards have many slave. Faeries, Gnomes, Goblins...
2. Dhouard: But we driven out! Lost it all! And almost extinct! Have to take turns being slaves! / Jodoque: Kinky!
2. Dhouard: But after you trained, no more turns. Slave, take his shirt! / 1. Dhouard: My pleasure, Mistress!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 5, 2003.