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[[The Dhouards lead Jodoque down a corridor.]] / 2. Dhouard: You mouth is very big, elf slave! / Jodoque: Sorry. It's the jestering gave me that bad habit.
2. Dhouard: The what? / Jodoque: The jestering. I used to get paid to tell a King the truth for his amusement.
2. Dhouard: Ha! Elven Kings use jesters now? Human decadence!
2.Dhouard: Once, Dhouard empress laugh only at the groaning of her lesser-race slaves!
[[The Dhouards have lead Jodoque into a room where a massage bed has been prepared.]] / 2. Dhouard: But we shall bring back those days, I'm sure. Ah, this it. This is where your training begins.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 12, 2003.