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Cras! Cras!

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Cras! Cras!
[[Krakatoa pinches her nose. Norla and Arthur speak off-panel. It is impossible to tell who is saying what as both are speaking in crow noises.]] / <<Caw! Caw! Croak!>> / <<Croak! Pruk pruk pruk! Cras!>>
[[Arthur has the key in his mouth.]] / Arthur: Iff thiny thing? / Norla: Now give it to the human and lead her here.
Arthur: Leaf'er'ere? Buff fe's fiffing righ'dere! / Norla: I know it sounds stupid! Just do it!
Krakatoa: Can you talk? / Arthur: <<Caw! Cronk!>>
[[Arthur grabs Krakatoa's sleeve and tugs in the direction of Norla's cage.]] / Krakatoa: Thanks for the key, but right now I can't find the - hey!
Arthur: Is she quite allright in the head? / Norla: Ssh!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 21, 2003.