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Just when Atra realises what she needs...

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Just when Atra realises what she needs...
Panel 1:
Atra has a eureka moment and slaps her own head.
Atra: Lead! That's it! But where do I get that at this time of day?
Kel: [static]

Panel 2.
The alchemist grifter and his assistant Pulg appear with the chest full of lead.
Atra: Too bad those alchemists are all staying away. They could have…
Alchemist grifter: It must be around here…
Pulg: Already?

Panel 3.
The alchemist grifter and Atra have an urgent conversation.
Alchemist grifter: Are you an alchemist? We have lovely enriched lead on offer. Nice color, new theory…
Atra: Are you alchemists? I need lead for a magic potion! Have you got any lead? Look, the girl can't talk so I have to cure her…

Panel 4.
The alchemist grifter and Atra both pauze.
Alchemist grifter/Atra: …

Panel 5.
Atra: How much?
Alchemist grifter: Not ten, not nine, not eight…

Panel 6.
Atra waves the alchemist grifter off.
Atra: I don't have time for that right now. Grab that bag o'loot and let me get back to work
Alchemist grifter: Ka-ching!

Panel 7.
Atra is yelling from behind her cauldron.
Caption: One hour's simmering later…
Atra: It's done!
One hour's simmering later...
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Author Notes:

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Reinder Dijkhuis
Comic from 1992, originally published online on February 24, 2006.