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[[Jodoque is massaging the Second Dhouard.]] / 2. Dhouard: Rubback is Dhouard birthright. It divide folk in rubber and - Ow!
[[The First Dhouard whacks Jodoque with a switch.]] / <<THWACK!>> / Jodoque: Ow!
2. Dhouard: Okay... That shall do. Take him to the water-well and-
[[The bell rings again.]] / <<DING! DING!>> / 2. Dhouard: Aww POOT!
[[The First Dhouard takes over again.]] / 1. Dhouard: Slave, cover thyself and hie thee to the well of water-pumping! / 2. Dhouard: Ham.
1. Dhouard: And no muttering, or the whip will caress you! / 2. Dhouard: Ya, ya... / Jodoque: Gods!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 26, 2003.