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Get a life, with the dreamer's dream

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Get a life, with the dreamer's dream
[[The second Dhouard leads Jodoque to a water well.]] / 2. Dhouard: This are easy... pumping water from well below our dwelling.
2. Dhouard: Let's see... we need one bucket each, daily, for drinking and cooking... / JodoqueL Only three? That's easy. Might as well have asked me nicely.
2. Dhouard: ...Ten buckets for hot tub, five for steam bath, thirty to refill lamprey pool...
Jodoque: I beg your pardon? / 2. Dhouard: ...Ten for privy and five for orchid garden.
Jodoque: What do you need all that for? / 2. Dhouard: To live like Dhouards, of course!
2. Dhouard: Listen, we not naked faeries or lowborn gnomes! We have standards! Now pump!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 28, 2003.