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Crime Scene Investigation

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Crime Scene Investigation
Maghreid speaks from inside the Palace of Unity, the Gnomian Parliament.]] / Maghreid: How did you first notice the Dust, Mr. Thighslapper?
[[Thighslapper, the Transporter Ritual Priest, points at his assistant. Maghreid, P'Séaigg and Abúi look on.]] / Thighslapper: My assistant stepped on one of the platforms and became disoriented.
Thighslapper: Needless to say, we're taking this very seriously. Our transports could be disrupted. / Maghreid: Did you have to bring that girl with you?
[[Abúi investigates the assistant.]] / P'séaigg: She is our best weapons expert... / Abúi: Hmm.
Maghreid: Yeah, but bringing an extremist like that in here... / P'séaigg: She's not an extremist! Where she comes from, everyone looks like that.
P'séaigg: Now hush... And? / Abúi: Waylay dust. Military issue. Five to ten years old.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 30, 2003.