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Robed in

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Robed in
[[Maghreid walks through the corridors of the Palace of Unity, the Gnomian Parliament. Behind her walk Abúi and P'séaigg.]] / Abúi: Why can't I fly in here? / P'séaigg: For the same reason Maghreid is wearing the robe.
Abúi: But we don't have to wear the robe, and besides I don't get that either. / P'séaigg: Maghreid is here officially. We're just tagging along.
P'séaigg: The Gnomes, High Elves and such didn't want any small naked delegates fluttering through the halls of Parliament. / Abúi: Figures.
P'séaigg: Look, I don't like these rules any more than you do. But as long as Maghreid chooses to abide by them, so do we. / Abúi: It really doesn't suit her.
[[In the background, Maghreid trips on her robe.]] / P'séaigg: Well, it's not about good looks. It's about what they call the dignity of high office.
Maghreid: [[Signs indicating swearing]] / Abui: Must be a new meaning of the word 'Dignity' I wasn't previously familiar with.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on June 4, 2003.