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A Scry In The Darkness

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A Scry In The Darkness
[[Abúi helps Maghreid up.]] / Maghreid: I head that, Abúi of Naoidall!
[[Maghreid puts her hat back on.]] / Maghreid: But I can't say I blame you! This thing weighs a ton!
[[Maghreid, Abúi and P'séaigg are going into the Crystal Ball Room.]] / Maghreid: ...And it flattens the wings something rotten. Close the door...
[[Maghreid takes off her robe.]] / Maghreid: Still, I shouldn't think the Gnomian officials enjoy wearing those giant humps. would you? Hang this up for me, will you?
Abúi: Those humps were fake? / Maghreid: Sure! Most of them have nearly straight backs! Now let's see...
[[Maghreid fixes on an image in the crystal ball.]] / Maghreid: Got a fix on Norla...
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on June 6, 2003.