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Love potion no. 5

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Love potion no. 5
[[Krakatoa speaks off-panel. Norla and Arthur the raven watch from her bed bunk.]] / Krakatoa: Young master Hogsworth! Do come in! Have you brought the ... ingredients?
[[Krakatoa lets Hogsworth in.]] / Hogsworth: Oh... yes... yes. / Krakatoa: C'mon! Don't just stand there!
Hogsworth: But I still don't understand why I had to bring all these things. I'd have thought you'd use herbs. / Krakatoa: Don't be silly!
[[Krakatoa speaks off-panel. Norla and the raven watch.]] / Krakatoa: We'll use some herbs - common ones. Don't you worry! / Norla: This had better not be about faerie casserole...
Krakatoa: But this is frowned upon by other witches. No use getting rare herbs if the recipe is suppressed.
Krakatoa: And besides, to make a love knot, you need something that belongs to your target! So, what have you got?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on June 9, 2003.