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Shoddy workmanship

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Shoddy workmanship
[[Hogsworth shows Krakatoa a shoe.]] / Hogsworth: Well, uhm... I got this, miss. / Krakatoa: Ooh!
Krakatoa: That is nice! Well done! How did you get it?
[[Hogsworth speaks off-panel. Norla and Arthur look on.]] / Hogsworth: Uh... I had a bit of luck there... / Norla: Now it gets interesting! / Arthur: What, shoes?
Hogsworth: You see, miss, she really likes dancing. She's even got special dancing shoes... but they're not very good. Look.
Hogsworth: It's torn, see? So I said I'd take it to the cobbler's for her. / Krakatoa: Hmmm.
Krakatoa: You know, that is extraordinarily lucky. Offering to mend something that's broken...
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on June 11, 2003.