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Let's dance!

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Let's dance!
Krakatoa: We'll have to wait a while for the kettle to boil...
Krakatoa: In the meantime, how's your dancing?
[[Krakatoa and Hogsworth speak off-panel. Norla and Arthur look on.]] / Hogsworth: Muh- my dancing, miss? / Krakatoa: Yeah! Once she's bound by the love knot, she'll want to dance with you.
[[Krakatoa taps her nose knowingly.]] / Krakatoa: No sense in letting her slip from your grasp then, eh?
[[Krakatoa hoists up her dress.]] / Hogsworth: Well, miss, I don't think I- / Krakatoa: Okay... Let me teach you a few steps.
[[Hogsworth and Krakatoa dance.]] / Krakatao: That's good, but lead, okay? By the way, I bought far more roses than I needed for the potion. Would you like some to give to her?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on June 13, 2003.