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Green chickens, and a ham

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Green chickens, and a ham
[Outside the gang's homestead. A fox is prowling outside the henhouse.]]
[[Inside the henhouse. The chickens and Jean-Pierre the rooster are all asleep, except one hen, which is looking nervously at Ottar, who is sitting next to her, pretending to be a sleeping chicken.]] / 1. Chicken: B'k?
[[The fox digs a tunnel into the henhouse.]]
[[At the sight of the fox's head, the hens go nuts.]] / Chickens: B-aawk bok bok bok bok! Bááwk! Bááwk! B'kaw!
[[The fox snaps randomly at chickens. Ottar approaches it stealthily.]] / Chickens: Bok bok! B'kaw! B'káw! Bááwk! Bok bok! B'káw! B'kaw!
[[Ottar attacks the fox.]] / Chickens: Bok!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on July 9, 2003.