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All hell breaks loose

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All hell breaks loose
[[Ottar wrestles the fox. The chickens are still in a panic.]] / Chickens: Áááwk! Bok bok! Bááwk! / Fox: Arr!
Chickens: Báááák bááááwk! B'kaaaw! / Fox: Arrooowoo!
[[Atra and Jake, awakened by the noise from the henhouse, look out from inside the house. Ottar, the chickens and the fox make a racket off-panel.]] / Chickens: Bááááák bááááwk! Bok bok bok! / Fox: Awoowoo! / Ottar: Hrrraaaa! / Jake: That's that fox allright...
[[Jake and Atra walk towards the henhouse.]] / Jake: I still think we should have used traps. / Atra: You and your traps!
[[Atra and Jake are taken aback by the sight of Ottar, covered in blood, dragging the dead fox out of the henhouse.]] / Atra: You'll see that Ottar is every bit as - Oh gods!
Ottar: Well met, masters! Behold what Ottar has wrought!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on July 11, 2003.