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All night close harmony baby wail concerto

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All night close harmony baby wail concerto
[[Ragnarok and Hildegard sit at the table holding two screaming babies, Harold and Fay. Both have obviously been roused from their beds as well: Ragnarok is naked and Hildegard has bed hair.]] / Ragnarok: What was that racket? / Jake: Oh, just Ottar taking care of that fox.
Ragnarok: Great. Just when we'd finally got Harold and that changeling of Kel's to sleep...
[[Ottar comes into the room. While Jake and Ragnarok talk, the babies are suddenly silent.]] / Jake: Are we in for another night of close harmony wailing? / Ragnarok: I hope not! Didn't you say Fay was a really quiet child?
Jake: Hey, it's not as if your kid is- / Ragnarok: Hush! Look!
[[Atra, Jake, Ragnarok and Hildegard have noticed that the babies have gone silent.]]
[[Someone knocks at the door. Ottar flies away to hide.]] / <<Knock knock!>> / <<Zip!>>
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on July 14, 2003.