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Ottar seems to have a cunning plan...

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Ottar seems to have a cunning plan...
[[Hildegard speaks off-panel. Norla stands on the table.]] / Hildegard: You gave us quite a startle, Sidhe-Norla! / Norla: Just Norla will do...
[[Fay, in Hildegard's arms, tries to grasp Norla.]] / Hildegard: In fact, I think little Fay is still a bit confused. No, Fay, that's not your mummy!
[[Norla addresses Ottar.]] / Norla: So, Ottar, will you come with me to testify on Kel's behalf? / Ottar: How could I not?
Ottar: But what-for stop there? What-for not bring Wythllew to justness?
Jake: if you could do that, wouldn't that mean she's not all that dangerous, and so undermine Kel's defense?
Norla: Good point. That's Gnomish thinking, that is!
Ottar: It shall not be easeful... but with two fay against one, and witches two... 'tWould safe-make the woods forever!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on July 26, 203.