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A family affair...

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A family affair...
[[Maghreid watches Norla talking in her crystal ball.]] / Norla: It's getting late. I'll sleep on it.
[[Maghreid screams from inside the Sinn Fae building.]] / Maghreid: Noooo!
[[Maghreid yells off-panel. Abúi is interrupted while painting her body with woad.]] / Maghreid: Idiot! Don't listen to him! / Abúi: ?
[[P'séaigg flies into the room. Maghreid is shouting at the crystal ball.]] / Maghreid: Isn't it enough that Kel and Kangra got themselves jailed? Must you kill yourself trying to get at the renegade?
P'séaigg: What's wrong? / Abúi: Where's the fire? / Maghreid: Abúi, P'séaigg... / Maghreid: Be honest with me. They've all got different fathers... did they get the suicidal stupidity from me?
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Reinder Dijkhuis 2nd Nov 2014, 4:15 AM edit delete
Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on July 29, 2003.