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My body is my Grimborg

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My body is my Grimborg
P'séaigg: What did she do? / Maghreid: She's met that Ottar fellow, and he's trying to enlist her in some hare-brained scheme to arrest the renegade.
[[Abúi is speaking off-panel.]] / P'séaigg: Did she agree? / Maghreid: Not in so many words, but- / Abúi: Excuse me?
Abúi: Are we talking about Wythllew the scholar, formerly of Wodeskog?
Maghreid: Yes, but- / Abúi: So why are we calling her "the renegade"? Seems to me Sinn Fae could work with people like that.
Maghreid: I suppose you've actually read her- / P'Séaigg: C'n I ask you a question?
[[P'séaigg speaks off-panel.]] / P'séaigg: Were you really painting your patterns back on just before bedtime? / Abúi: What kind of question is that?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on July 30, 2003.