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A little bit dotty

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A little bit dotty
P'séaigg: Surely if they're so important to you, you can get them tattooed on? / Abúi: Bah! My body is my Grimborg.
Maghreid: Enough, you two! P'séaigg, you're right about one thing. We should all be in bed. Do you have-
P'séaigg: - a room for the night? In the attic.
[[P'séaigg flies into the attic which serves as a dorm room, carrying a blanket. Faeries are sleeping on straw, under blankets, alone, in pairs or in groups.]] / P'séaigg: Quiet! There are some people here already!
[[Some faeries notice the presence of P'séaigg and Maghreid.]] / 1. Faerie: Hey, look! It's Lord P'séaigg! / 2. Faerie: Mm?
3. Faerie: And look who's with him! It's Sidhe-Maghreid! / 1. Faerie: Wow! Is this a show of support?
[[The unnamed faeries speak off-panel.]] / 2. Faerie: I knew she'd come out! I knew it! / 4. Faerie: I heard she'd gone a bit dotty though. / 5. Faerie: She looks about five hundred years old! / 6. Faerie: Should we salute, you think? / 7. Faerie: Not me, I'm sleeping. / 8. Faerie: I reckon we should make her queen! / Maghreid: Word to the wise, Abúi. Don't go into politics if you like to sleep where you darn well please.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on August 1, 2003.