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Hachettes Croisees on a field vert

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Hachettes Croisees on a field vert
Jodoque: This meat is great! What is it? / Green Knight: Griffin. The egg is from a griffin as well.
Green Knight: The woods here are a great source of game. Especially the area around the old wooden castle.
Green Knight: On my last hunt, I nearly bagged a basilisk. Basilisk eyeball soup is a delicacy.
Green Knight: And there are many rare elvish tribes. Nixies, bogles, some trolls, bwcas... even a village of wild Breton lutins. Avoid them if you know what's good for you.
Green Knight: In fact, I never let anyone near them unless they've passed my test. / Jodoque: Mmyeah. About that test?
Jodoque: I don't care that much about taking any test or proving my worth or anything...
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Originally published on August 15, 2003.