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The scam explained

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The scam explained
[[The Green Knight drags Jodoque through the corridor.]] / Green Knight: Wench, fetch the axes and the block! / Eniac: Humph! / Green Knight: Don't humph me!
Green Knight: Razzafrazzin' cheek... a summons from the Gnomian high court...
[[Eniac puts the block in place. The Green Knight pulls Jodoque up towards it.]] / Green Knight: Behold, worm!
Green Knight: In a few minutes, I shall lay my head upon this block, and you will hack it off. / Jodoque: That's it?
Green Knight: Then you will lay your head on the block, and I shall hack that off.
[[The Green Knight speaks off-panel.]] / Green Knight: And if you withstand this ordeal as well as I do... That is, without as much as a twitch of your whiskers... Then I shall grant you your wish.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on August 20, 2003.