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Polite disagreement

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Polite disagreement
Green Knight: Sir, I must insist you take the axe. / Jodoque: Thanks, but after you.
Green Knight: Really, this is most irregular. Please take the axe. / Jodoque [[thinks]]: He's on the defensive! / Jodoque: No!
Green Knight: Grrrrumble... / Jodoque: What's the matter? Can't stand the thought of anyone being braver than you?
Green Knight: All right! WENCH! Take our coats! / Jodoque: ...
[[Jodoque and the Green Knight take off their coats and shirts. The Green Knight gives his to Eniac.]] / Green Knight: Put these away. I don't want any blood stains on them like last time. [[whispers]] And don't forget to do the enchantment!
[[Jodoque gives his shirt to Eniac.]] / Jodoque: Uhm, yeah. Keep this clean, too. [[whispers]] Do I also have to whisper something? Is that lucky? / Eniac: Don't worry! I'll help you out!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on September 22, 2003.