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Ze French roostair!

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Ze French roostair!
[[Ottar speaks off-panel. The chickens cower together in one corner of the henhouse.]] / Ottar: See? You'd bethink me out to chop their heads off!
Ottar: And me after saving them from the todd... thankless fowl! / Norla: Hm...
Norla: Okay, I'll have a word with them. / Norla: Thank!
[[Jean-Pierre the French Rooster "speaks" off-panel.]] / Jean-Pierre: B'k Bóóók! Bok Bawk! / Ottar: What say they?
Norla: Patience! They're chickens, not horse collar scientists!
Norla: Besides, his accent isn't making it easier for me... / Jean-Pierre: ...And zen zair waz ka-os and ze bludd all ovair ze plaice!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on September 29, 2003.