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Norla as a chicken psychologist

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Norla as a chicken psychologist
Ottar: And? / Norla: It's nothing, really.
Norla: when you kill that fox, you gave them a big fright, and that's what they think of when they see you. They're not bright, you see. / Jean-Pierre: Cocoricoo!
Norla: Just feed them as you normally would, and they'll forget about it. / Ottar: Must be funsome, for to rede with the fowl.
Norla: I hear what they say as a language, but that doesn't mean it makes a lot of sense. / Ottar: But are not some birds cunning?
[[Arthur startles Norla and Ottar by fluttering up from a bush.]] / Norla: Well- / Arthur: Woo-hoo! / Norla: Yikes!
Arthur: There's a dead fox in those bushes! Gorge city! / Norla: meet the cunningest bird I know. And you can understand him too. Congratulations!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on October 1, 2003.