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Post-Mudball cooldown

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Post-Mudball cooldown
[[Kel whistles on her fingers.]] / <<FREEP!>>
[[Kel waves at a group of faeries playing mudball.]] / Kel: Time's up, people! Sorry I made so many mistakes, but I'll get the hang of refereeing some day!
[[The faeries surround Kel to thank her. They are all naked and very muddy.]] / Spig: Don't worry about it. You made a few mistakes but you did fine. / Clydesdale: Let's go to the stream!
Clydesdale: You'd do better if you got closer to the mud! / Kel: Yeah, but I've only got this one dress and I don't want to get it dirty.
Clydesdale: You don't have to wear it! / Kel: Uhmmmyeah...I'd rather keep it on. / Clydesdale: Spig takes hers off! / Spig: Whatever!
Spig: We're glad to have you on board anyway. There were never enough of us to form two teams...
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 8, 2003.