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[[P'séaigg, Maghreid, Abúi and Isolde the lawyer have been following Jodoque's actions in a crystal ball.]] / Maghreid: Aw... he blanked out!
P'séaigg: I think he was persuasive though. / Maghreid: Yeah... he's quite the politician!
Abúi: I'm not sure we can trust that High Elven girl. / Maghreid: Hmmmno. Neither am I.
Isolde: Her name and circumstances match a reference in my files. Could she perhaps be one and the same as Eniac Vaxdottir?
Maghreid: What? / Isolde: My files refer to a high elven girl who failed to return from her Rite of Serfdom some four years ago.
Maghreid: I remember Lord Vax from way back when. A nasty piece of work! Doesn't like faeries much...
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on October 22, 2003.