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Fading into Clarity

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Fading into Clarity
[[Jodoque awakes. Eniac fades into his vision.]] / Jodoque: Mmmhh..
[[Eniac is wearing Jodoque's red tunic.]] / Jodoque: Mmh! Whuh! / Eniac: There you are.
[[Behind Eniac, a grappling hook is thrown into a window.]] / Eniac: You were out of it for a few minutes - blood loss, I suspect. I've seen it happen to the Knight.
[[Eniac holds up a bag.]] / Eniac: Here's the head. It's unconscious, but it'll live.
Jodoque: How - how did that work, anyway? / Eniac: Easy.
[[Behind Eniac, two Lutin heads pop up over the windowsill.]] / Eniac: Before the Knight puts his head on the block, the block is enchanted with a simple spell.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on October 27, 2003.