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Haughtsome strengthsome

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Haughtsome strengthsome
Norla: Also, that bodice was a bad choice. I thought it would be practical for a long journey - but it's just too tight! / Ottar: I can sew ye new goods! / Norla: You can? / Ottar: Oh aye! I love needling work!
[[Ottar and Norla fly towards the homestead.]] / Ottar: Wythllew? Prideful and haughtsome. She had it in for Kel and for the ... old witch. / Norla: You mean the brunette? / Ottar: Aye! See yet it too? There's a strengthsome magery... / Norla: Naw, it's just an illusion. / Ottar: Nay, I mean the youthsome body. The true one.
Norla: Mmmyes. For human magic, that's impressive. / Ottar: She was foreyounged, and then this was hid! But she's up afore sunrising and last abed. The thorplings are gossiping!
[[Norla and Ottar are at the homestead, sitting on the table, and talking. Ottar is sewing up a piece of cloth. / Norla: My sergeant in the all-elven underground was the first. I think he was more interested in cementing his unit than in the details of the faith itself, but still... it was nice to have someone's ear...
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 7, 2003.