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The itch... the itch with no name.

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The itch... the itch with no name.
[[Abúi speaks off-panel. P'séaigg facepalms.]] / Abúi: Do I really, really have to do this?
Maghreid: Yes! P'séaigg and I are too well-known. Besides, you can hide your wings under your hair.
Abúi: But these things chafe! And they'll wipe out my markings! I only had'em painted back on this morning!
Abúi: And they'll be a breeding ground for parasites! Lice and ticks will get into them!
[[Abúi speaks off-panel. P'séaigg and Maghried scratch imagined itches.]] / Abúi: I'm itching already! I don't want any lice in my- in me.. My mother always used to say- / P'séaigg: Abúi... / <<sktch sktch>>
[[Abúi's clothes are revealed to be a gnomian bikini .]] / P'séaigg: Your disguise covers about four square thumbs. You'll survive wearing it for a few hours.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 14, 2003.