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That man is a sweet talker!

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That man is a sweet talker!
P'séaigg: Now let's roll up those wings, and you'll have to wash off those markings! One less problem to worry about!
[[Abúi, properly naked again, splashes her face with water. Her body markings are already gone.]] / Abúi: Have you got any idea how long it took the artist Brakeburn to put these on? / P'séaigg: Big deal!
[[Abúi now wears the clothes again. P'séaigg is rolling up her wings behind her back.]] / Abúi: How can you agree to this? Especially after mouthing off at that Norla for- / P'séaigg: -wanting to be a human.
P'séaigg: I can't say I like this much myself, but... think of it as a prank we're playing. / Maghreid: We're fooling a high elf, right? / P'séaigg: Right!
P'séaigg: ... And when we're done, we'll have to have a word about the importance of compromise, flexibility and tactical retreats. / Abúi: Ooh! Indoctrination!
Abúi: Fill me up with propaganda, fearless leader! Ram it into me! / P'séaigg: First, put on these boots.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 17, 2003.