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Team Norla has a setback

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Team Norla has a setback
[[Atra, Jake, Ottar and Norla walk through the forest.]] / Atra: Are you sure you haven't got a sock to spare? / Jake: Sorry. They're still fresh as daisies. What Ottar washes stays washed for a long time.
Ottar: I am goodly at my toil! / Atra: Last time, this place was full of nasty-looking- / Norla: How much further?
[[Atra steps into a mushroom, which gives off a large cloud of spores.]] / Atra: Not far. About a hundred fee-WHA!
[[Atra, Norla, Jake and Ottar are no longer in the forest, but in an inn. Journalist 'Zoe' looks down on them.]] / Atra: What the hell happened? / 'Zoe': How can I help you?
{{Note: The name of the journalist can be found elsewhere in the archive. Mark this one as needing improvement until it is found.}}
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 19, 2003.