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The painting

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The painting
[[Morning. Jodoque is getting dressed. Kel is still in bed.]] / Jodoque: Time to go. don't forget to put your dress on. / Kel: Baah! Spoilsport! / Jodoque: Or at least pack it. I don't mind.
Bonfire: Any moment now... / Clydesdale: How will we recognise him? / Bonfire: He'll ask for us.
[[Norla awaits Kel and Jodoque at the entrance to Parliament. She is naked except for her cross on a chain.]] / Norla: Good morning!
Jodoque: Hello Kangra. / Norla: I'm Norla. C'mon! Ottar is already in the transporter room.
Jodoque: Sorry. I'm used to Kangra being the naked one. / Norla: Excuses, excuses.
Norla: We- hey, look at this!
[[Bonfire looks up in the direction of a mysterious off-panel speaker.]] / Mysterious off-panel speaker: Bloomingdale and Clydefans?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 3, 2005.